The Adlens Adapt® three-zone system is a quality alternative to readers. Traditional reading glasses often use poor quality lenses and lock you into a limited viewing distance. You may have to take your glasses on and off, look over the top or change glasses to focus on different tasks. Adapt is designed to work in real life situations not just reading at one distance. The Boost, Task and All-Day Zones allow you to access all the vision you lose as you get older. The Unden-eye-able Importance of Cataract Glasses We've written at great length in the past about the topic of cataract surgery - including why it's so common (and is thus something that you should not necessarily fear), what to expect during the recovery process, and what your life is going to be like moving forward. One thing is clear - for a condition that affects more than 24 million people around the globe over the age of 40 on a regular basis, this is one journey that you will most certainly NOT be taking alone. To briefly review, the first few days after your surgery will be marked by cloudy or blurry vision. During this period your eyes will begin to heal themselves, and you're absolutely going to want to take any steps that your eye care professional has directed you to for the next few weeks. You'll also be making recurring visits to your doctor just to make sure that the surgery was successful and that you're well and truly on the road to recovery. It will take time for your eyes to get back to 100% - but you can rest easy knowing that they ARE going to get there. This does, however, pose the question - as your vision begins to turn to normal, what type of cataract glasses should you choose to invest in? The answer to that question is an easy one. However, it does demand that you keep a few key things in mind. Why Are Cataract Glasses Important? If you took the time to get your expectations in order prior to your cataract surgery (as we helpfully recommended in our previous post), then it's likely that you already know why cataract glasses are so important. You elected to have surgery in the first place because you were dealing with problems like blurry vision, intense glare from even the dimmest of lights and other environmental issues all day. After your surgery, these problems are likely going to be solved - but that doesn't mean that your eyesight will return to the quality you once enjoyed when you were a teenager. Truth be told, the vast majority of people who have this type of surgery will still require some type of cataract glasses. It has less to do with the surgery itself and is more related to conditions like Presbyopia that occur naturally as we age. Don't worry - not only are there a wide range of options available, but many are also designed to let you enjoy all of your favorite hobbies and activities WITHOUT making compromises of any kind. Cataract Glasses: What Are My Options? Oftentimes after cataract surgery, people choose to pick up a pair of progressive lenses in the form of bifocals or even trifocals to aid in activities like reading. These types of lenses work exactly the way it sounds: A pair of bifocal lenses will be split into two sections, each with its own unique focal strength. Just look through a different part of the lens depending what you're trying to do in the moment. A pair of trifocal lenses offers lenses split into three distinct portions. You stare through a different part of the lens depending on whether the subject you're trying to focus on is close to you, is a medium distance away or is very far away. While it's certainly true that this type of option does work well for most people, it's not a perfect solution for a number of reasons. For starters, progressive lenses often require you to keep multiple pairs laying around for different activities like driving, reading or even working outdoors. It can be difficult to remember which pair of lenses you left in which location and, because of that, people frequently lose them. When you're talking about bifocals and trifocals in particular, vision correction requires you to make some fairly unnatural movements with your eyes. Again - this isn't necessarily bad, it's just that a lot of people continue their search in an effort to one day find a more comprehensive option. Oftentimes, those people turn to specialized cataract glasses like Adlens' own UZOOM lenses. These actually fall into a category of product called adjustable lens eyeglasses, which use a series of two lenses that slide into different positions to help correct your vision - as opposed to single lenses made up of multiple distinct portions. With a pair of adjustable focus cataract glasses, all you would need to do is A) look at something like your computer or a magazine, and B) use the dial on the side of the lens to adjust their focal strength until clarity returns to your vision. You can do this by turning a little dial on the side - just continue to turn that dial until whatever you're looking at becomes crystal clear. You can also adjust each eye independently as each eye might heal differently. Not only does this not require any unnatural movement from your eye, but it also corrects the entirety of your field of view - something that is not possible with progressive lenses like bifocals by their very nature. Depending on what types of activities you like to engage in to begin with, there's a very real possibility that adjustable focus readers will offer the salvation you've been looking for. At the very least, you won't have to carry multiple pairs of readers around anymore - and who wouldn't be happy about that. Adlens: Your Partner in Quality Cataract Glasses and Other Eyewear Cataract glasses in general are going to play a very important role in your life following your surgery - but which specific type of glasses you purchase is ultimately up to you. If you're still curious about which of these options is the best for your situation, or if you're wondering whether or not glasses are going to be required at all, we absolutely encourage you to make an appointment with your eye care professional so that you can talk things out in a little more detail. If you're already pretty sure that adjustable focus cataract glasses are right for you, or if you'd like to learn more about our own UZOOM glasses in general, please feel free to reach out and visit us today.


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