An Air Purifier That Is A Work Of Art. The beautiful architecture of the Airocide air purifier is a refined vision of high-design melding advanced technology with exceptional elegance. We strived to create a sleek and unobtrusive design that would be a seamless addition to any household décor. Simple Operation. Multi-setting, capacitive touch controls enable you to adjust the setting of your Airocide air purifier from low to high and automatic. The automatic setting has a built-in light sensor and will adjust to the low setting when the room darkens and back to high when the room brightens. LOW – use Airocide on low for those environments where quieter operation is needed. HIGH – Airocide is most effective in this mode and is the recommended setting for best results. AUTO – This mode operates on a light sensor and automatically shifts to a quieter setting at night. It runs on high when the appropriate amount of ambient light in the room (usually during the day) is present and automatically adjusts to low when light is no longer present (usually at night). Refined Details. Our beautiful grill, made from anodized aluminum, is formed, punched and polished using an eleven-step process and nine tools, resulting in a lightweight, yet strong grill held in place by magnetic latches. Stylish and decorative dark wood grain sleeve complements any décor and is presently offered free when you order your Airocide today.

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